What is Appulate

Appulate is a Submission, Application, and Renewal platform that allows agents to work smarter, not harder. Both for commercial and personal lines. Appulate has partnered with hundreds of Carriers and MGAs.

Our agent network consists of over 30,000 agencies nationwide and is used by 9 out of the 10 top independent insurance industries.

Appulate’s agent facing product suite boasts dozens of tools and features from automatic forms filling to populating carrier websites for quoting; all of which saves agencies thousands of valuable minutes and dollars each year!

Get started in just 5 minutes!


1. Login:

Let’s make sure you are able to sign in first!

2. Markets:

Perhaps you have a new MGA or Carrier you are interested in exploring in Appulate or you want to start working with your appointed markets in Appulate. The list below will take you through the process of setting up your markets in Appulate.

  • Once you are logged into Appulate, go to the Markets page and choose Selected. There you will see all the markets that you or someone from your agency has chosen to work with in Appulate.
  • If you would like to add markets to that list, go to Markets and Available and search for the market name. Once you locate it, click the plus sign to add it to your Selected list.
  • Bonus Appulate perk - Open Brokerage Markets! Looking to expand your agency’s markets? Choose from many of our open brokerage market partners who allow agents to quote prior to committing to an appointment.
3. Credentials:

If your market requires that you enter credentials before submitting, be sure to have those entered into your profile in Appulate. Learn more

  1. Click your name on the top right-hand side of your Appulate account.
  2. Scroll to the section labeled Market Logins.
  3. Enter your credentials and click Save.

**Be sure to update them whenever you reset your password.


If you would like to bridge ACORD data into Appulate to keep you from having to rekey information, be sure to download Uplink. This takes less than 1 minute!

  1. Go to Tools at the top of your screen and select Appulate Uplink from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click the Download Uplink Driver button. Learn more

** Note to Outlook email users: please close Outlook before downloading.

Once installed successfully, Appulate Uplink will show up as an available printer option.

1. Bridging ACORD data:

If you have a completed ACORD form, Appulate it! So that you don’t have to rekey the information.

  1. Open your completed ACORD, either in a PDF or in your management system. Print the ACORD selecting Appulate Uplink as your destination printer.
  2. In the pop-up, confirm your Appulate credentials and click Send.

The insured record will be created and the ACORD data will be plugged right into Appulate so that you don’t have to rekey information.

2. Starting in Appulate:

If you don’t have an ACORD form filled out, you can start directly within Appulate instead!

  1. Sign in to Appulate.
  2. Click on the blue Create new insured button in the top-left corner. Learn more
  3. Choose the insured type: Business or Personal.
  4. Enter the required (marked with a red asterisk) insured data and click Continue.
  5. Select the Line of Business, Effective Date, and Expiration Date and click Continue.
3. Selecting a market and fulfilling requirements:
  1. In the Quote request view, start by selecting the markets you would like to submit to for this insured by clicking Add markets. When adding your markets, the system will load their supplemental forms automatically, if applicable. Learn more

  2. Once your markets are added, click Start quote (or Request quote) to open a market questionnaire and fill out the required information. Learn more

4. Requesting a quote:

Once all requirements are met, you are ready to submit. Click the Request quote button and wait for a quote!

Training Resources

Want to get more out of Appulate? We have a plethora of learning resources that take a deeper dive into our advanced features and functionality. Our learning resources allow you to learn at your own pace, around your busy schedule, in the way that you absorb information best.

1. Live Training Webinars

2. Help Center

3. Appulate eLearning


Appulate is the leading submission and quote management platform for agents just like you! We are a technology company, not an MGA, direct carrier, or aggregator. However, with our exclusive market partnerships, Appulate can help you expand your markets while automating your workflow – all while saving you time and money.

Appulate ProducerConnect Standard is brought to you by your markets at zero cost to you. ProducerConnect Premium is a subscription-based plan that gives you access to more features and markets. Contact agencysales@appulate.com for a quote.

Appulate is for both commercial and personal lines of business. We have hundreds of markets and lines of business available in Appulate.

Search by Submission Type

Search by LOB

Search by Open Brokerage Markets

Since Appulate is not a Carrier, MGA or Aggregator, Appulate does not grant any agent appointments, nor are we a part of any commissions conversations. However, some markets have their electronic appointment process built into Appulate. Any questions regarding commissions should be sent directly to the markets.

Appulate Uplink is system agnostic, meaning that it works to bridge ACORD data from ANY agency management system that can print ACORD forms!

In my 40-year Insurance career, I have only seen a handful of truly transformative innovations including the desktop computer itself. Appulate may be just as innovative!

Terry Killingsworth
Snider-Killingsworth Agency