ProducerConnect Setup

How to Set Up Uplink tool

See how to install Uplink, our simple print driver that allows you to bridge over your ACORD forms into Appulate. This feature is also compatible with any agency management system.

How to Set Up Weblink

See how to install Weblink, our browser specific extension. This feature allows you to bridge over duplicate data from Appulate to Weblink carrier portals.

Reviewing Selected Markets

Learn how to add and remove the markets you work with and have existing appointments with in Appulate. Discover how to search through our available markets to discover all the markets.

Adding Users

Learn how as an account administrator you can add team members as users on Appulate. See how to update user statuses and personal information.

Adding Market Credentials

Learn how to enter your credentials so that Appulate can save you time by preventing you from having to re-enter for every carrier. See how to enter both individual and shared login information.

Producer Connect Workflow

Creating Submission from Uplink

See how to install our simple print driver. Allows you to bridge over your ACORD forms into Appulate eliminating the need to rekey any data.

Missing and required questions

See how to answer required questions on the Market questionnaire.

Submission Workflow: Appulate Submission

See how to process an Appulate style submission from start to finish. Appulate style submissions allow you to complete the entire rate, quote, and bind process for the market entirely within Appulate.

Submission Workflow: eSubmission

See how to process an eSubmission style submission from start to finish. Save time by allowing Appulate to bridge duplicate data to carrier portals and turbocharge your submission.

Submission Workflow: Weblink

See how to process a Weblink style submission from start to finish. Increase efficiency by using Appulate to bridge data into carrier portals and accelerate your submission.

Submission Workflow: Email Submission

See how to process an email style submission from start to finish. Discover how to block the market with our scheduled email submissions.

Loss Runner

Loss Runner creates an easy and trackable way to request loss runs on behalf of current customers as well as prospects, complete with electronic signature. Learn to use one of Appulate’s most popular features.

Adding Markets to Submissions

Learn how to select the markets to which you submit your risk. Find out how you can submit to open brokerage markets which do not require an appointment.

Shortcut: Adding New Line of Business

Learn how you can manage multiple lines of business for insureds all within Appulate. See how you can easily keep insureds organized as their business grows.

Policy documents and Endorsements

See how to add policy documents and endorsements. 


Adding Documents to Submission

See how to add documents to your submission. 

Editing Forms

Learn how to edit forms and supplementals. See how to send questionnaires to your insured. 

Sharing Quotes with Insured

Learn how to share a proposal with your insured quickly and easily. See how to can email quotes along with personalized messages to your clients.

Policy binding

Learn how to bind Policies in Appulate.